Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yelp claims the filter works and is reliable. Here are 7 questions.

1 - Why does Yelp give different answers about this? Sometimes they claim it works and it's reliable. And sometimes they admit that the filter doesn't always work and isn't always reliable. Which one is it?

2 - If it's reliable, how do they explain all the examples of the filter not being reliable? (Go to the article where I point out examples of how the filter doesn't work). 

3 - If it's reliable, how come many reviews that get taken off are very similar to reviews that were not taken off?

4 - If the filter is reliable, how do they explain that so many people are saying that their legit reviews are being removed? Are all those people lying about writing real reviews?

5 - Yelp admits that a review is more likely to be removed by users who are not active on Yelp. But most Yelp users are not active. So that means most reviews will get filtered. So if most reviews get filtered, how is the filter reliable? 

6 - If a non - active user has their review removed because they are not active enough, then doesn't that mean their is no legit reason for the review to be removed? And if their is no legit reason that the review should be removed but it happens, then how is the filter reliable?

7 - If Yelp admits that the filter is not always reliable, why do they continue to have it? In other words, once you admit the filter is not always reliable, then why have it? Especially when you know some innocent businesses are being hurt by the filter?

These are all valid questions. 

But Yelp can't give logical answers to all this because they would then have to admit that their filter is not good and therefore they would have to remove it. And if they do that, then they are just another review website.

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