Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10 reasons the filter does not work

1 - Way too many reviews are being removed. 

Lots of companies have at least 50 reviews filtered out. 

Some have 100 or more filtered out. 

Some companies have more filtered reviews then unfiltered reviews. 

I found a company that has over 6,000 reviews removed. That company is Yelp. You can review Yelp on Yelp. And they have over 6,000 reviews removed!

The point is, when that many reviews are being filtered out, then the filter is not reliable. 

Removing that many reviews can be unfair for the person who wrote the review and for the company it was for. 

And removing that many reviews can be mis-leading to the public. 

2 - Many real reviews get taken off while fake ones stay. 

The point of this filter is to keep the real reviews and eliminate the fake ones. And yet, so many times the opposite is happening. So if the opposite is happening, then what is the point of the filter? 

Yelp argues that although the filter doesn't always work, it does work for the most part. But that's not enough. It should work period. But lot's of times, it doesn't work. And anyway, how can it work most of the time? How? It's an algorithm on reviews. 

The proof is there on Yelp that the filter does not work many times. 


3 - Sometimes the filter takes off more positive reviews compared to negative ones. 

This is the worst part about Yelp. This is the part that owners hate the most about Yelp.

For example, I found a business owner in Los Angeles that had fifty good reviews and two bad ones. And guess what happened? All fifty good reviews got removed and only the two bad ones stayed. So the owner had a one star rating. 

And by the way, that one star rating stayed for about two years. 

Is that logical or fair? 

4 -  Sometimes the filter takes off multiple reviews.

Let's say you go to a shop multiple times and write a review each time. Well, Yelp may let some of your reviews stay and some go!

It's as if they're saying you were real sometimes and fake other times. 

Does that make sense to you? 

  5 - A "check in" review can get removed. 

Yelp allows people to check in at a business using their phone. It's a way of letting people know where you are and it is a way to prove you are actually at the location. 

And yet, even if you check in, Yelp still might think your review is fake. 

Sure, checking doesn't mean your review is real. I get that. But sometimes the review is real. And the filter once again can be wrong.

So, if a person checked in, and the review gets filtered, then whats the point in relying on the person as someone who checked in? 

6 - A "Yelp deal" review can get removed. 

Yelp allows businesses to offer Yelp deals. It's a way for a business to give a discount to a customer. 

So when a customer buys a Yelp deal, it should mean that there review is more reliable right? 

Wrong. Sometimes even if you buy a Yelp deal, Yelp still might remove the review.

7 - Even pictures of proof are not good enough. 

This is a really strange one.

Let’s say you hire a decoration company to decorate your event. And the company sends a guy to your event and he decorates the area. 

And aftewards you go to the companies Yelp page and put up pictures of the way the guy decorated. You even show a picture of the guy being at your event. And you even show a picture of you and the guy together at your event. All this would be good proof that you did business with the company right? 


Sometimes even if you put up pictures of proof, your review can still be filtered.

Isn't that strange? 
Do you still think the filter works? 

8 - Yelp ratings contradict BBB ratings 

If you trust the Better Business Beauru, then you should probably not trust Yelp ratings. Why? Because sometimes the average rating for a business on Yelp contradicts the same business rating on the Better Business Beauru.

For example, there is a construction company that had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 1 star rating on Yelp. 

Which one do you think is more reliable? The BBB? Or the filter that Yelp uses? 

9 - Even admitting the review is fake isn't enough.


A person can write a fake review, admit in the review it's fake, and the review will stay. Can you believe that? 

I know a business where a guy wrote a fake review, and admitted it was fake, and the review stayed. 

In fact, the guy admitted in one of his reviews that he was going around the web trying to find the business he was writing about on other review websites so that he can write fake reviews for the business. And Yelp let the review stay. And they also let the reviewers account remain open. 

10 - Yelp admits the filter doesn't always work.

I have given lots of examples of how the filter doesn't always work and many owners agree that the filter is unreliable. (On a side note, I have rarley known of an owner that liked Yelp). 

But I am going to give you one more. And it's a good one.

Yelp basically knows that these type of examples can happen sometimes. And they basically admit that the filter doesn't always work. And they know that many owners are getting hurt by there filter. 

And yet Yelp still uses the filter. They still defend it. And they do this while knowing that some owners are still getting hurt by them. 

What kind of a company is this? 

Conclusion - Yelp should not use a filter 

The filter is broken. It does not work. And anyone that tells you it works either doesn't know what is happening, or is lying, or doesn't care, or doesn't think it's a big deal. 

Yelp is hurting peoples livelihood. They are hurting peoples reputations. And they continue to let it happen. It's wrong. 


  1. YELP destroyed their credibility with this filter. It allows them to do whatever they want with the reviews, including getting paid for manipulating them.
    I was cheated for real by a small business in Amsterdam, but it keeps being discredited and hidden. You never get the real picture about a business anymore.


    1. It's strange how Yelp keeps using the filter and defending the filter. The filter is not reliable.

  2. I'm not going to lie. I could use some links for SEO purposes. On the bright side, you'll be helping save countless souls from months if not years of torment and poverty. Thanks.