Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Owners can still get hurt by Yelp even if customers don't know about Yelp

You may be thinking that most people don't know about Yelp, or care about Yelp, so why worry about it? Your right. But understand that lots of people DO know about Yelp and lots of people trust Yelp. And Yelp is growing. 

Sure, most people don't know or care about Yelp. That's true. However, if people learn that your business has a low average rating, or lots of negative reviews, then word can spread. And this is especially true if your business is for a minority or a small community. So even if people don't know about Yelp, the word can spread about your buisness having a low average or bad reviews. 

And actually, when a person DOESN'T know about Yelp that can be bad. Sometimes if a person knows how Yelp works, then they may not trust it. But if a person DOES NOT know how Yelp works, then they don't know how it works. So all they know is that your buesiness listing has a low average rating or bad reviews. So they naturally might be hesitant about wanting to do business with you.

Sure, you may think that if people don't know about Yelp then how can they find you on Yelp? Easy. Search engine results.

Businesses that are on Yelp sometimes come up in search engine results. For example, let’s say you have a painting business on Yelp that has an average rating of 1 star. Well, if someone goes to a search engine and wants to find a painting business, there is a chance your Yelp listing might show up in the search engine results with that one star average! And that can be bad! Lots of people use search engines. So lots of people are going to see your one star rating, even if they dont' know anything about Yelp. So if they learn that your buisness has a low average or bad reviews then they might not hire you. And the more people that find your low average buisness on a serach engine result, it means word might spread about your business having a 1 star rating or lots of negative reviews. 

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