Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Owners can't always control their Yelp buisness information

So we know that an owner doesn't have control about their listing being on Yelp. We know they don't have control over fake reviews. We know they don't have control over all the pictures that are put up. 

But certinaly an owner has control over the buisness information on their own Yelp buisness listing right? 

Not always! 

Sometimes an owner can't change the name, the number, or the address because Yelp “locks” these areas. Can you believe that? It's your buisness and these areas are locked! 

Now Yelp may have logic as to why they get locked. Fine. But what if an owner wants to make a LEGIT change to their own business information? 

Well if it's locked, they can't do it right away. They have to contact Yelp and explain the change. Then wait. 

But it doesn't end there. 

Sometimes Yelp takes a long time to respond. And that is bad. Because if your information is not up to date, that can hurt an owners business. 

Sometimes Yelp doesn't even respond at all. And if you don't keep trying to contact them, they may not respond at all. So an owner has to keep spending time and emailing them over and over and keep waiting. 

And sometimes doesn't respond at all! And your listing just stays there with out of date information. And again, this can hurt an owners business. 

I wonder why Yelp even has an EDIT section for owners, when owners rarely have any power to edit those areas? Why not let owners edit there areas when they want to, since they are the owners and supposedly in charge of their own listing? 

Overall, why does Yelp allow owners to have control of their business listing when they don't let owners have control over it sometimes?  

It's like Yelp wants to make it hard for owners. 

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