Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Owners have no choice about their buisness being on Yelp

By now you know that Yelp is evil and can hurt a buisness. So you may be wondering why not take it down? Or why even put it up in the first place? 

Well, it's not your call!

ANYONE can put your business listing on Yelp. They can put up your business information, pictures of your business, your prices, and they don't need your permission. 

In fact, lots of owners are on Yelp without knowing it. 

And lots of owners are not doing well because of Yelp and they don't know that. Isn't that sad? Think about that. 

I wonder how many buisnesses are not doing well because of Yelp, and don't know that their on Yelp and that Yelp is a big reason their buisness is not doing well. That's bad.

And you usually can't take your buisness listing down either. Once a listing is up, it usually stays. 

You know what else is funny? Even if you go out of business, the listing and the fake negative reviews will stay. It will just say BUSINESS CLOSED. 

It's like Yelp just wants to make it as hard as possible for an owner.

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