Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yelp points out that active users are more likely to beat the filter

Yelp says they can't give all the secrets about how to beat the filter because people will game the system. 

But they do give some clues: Have a profile with a picture, have lots of friends on your buddy list, have a history of writing reviews, and overall be active on Yelp. 

If this is the kind of stuff that Yelp goes by, it is ridiculous

1 - Just because a person does not have a picture, or hardly has friends, or has a small history of writing reviews, or is not active on Yelp, doesn't mean their review is not reliable. It doesnt mean ther reivew should get filtered. 

2 - Yelp doesn't always filter their reviews out. So why do some of their reviews stay and some get filtered? For example a person can have no picture, no friends on their buddy list, has a small history of writing reviews (for example 5 reviews), and is overall not active on Yelp, and yet some of their reviews stay and some get filtered out. It doesn't make sense. 

3 - If a persons review can get filtered because they are not active on Yelp, then why even allow them to write a review? If Yelp wants them to build up consistency, then why not filter all their reviews until they reach a certain requirement? Sure, people can cheat that way. But they can cheat now. And anyway, Yelp is hurting peoples businesses in the mean time when they go by the requirements they have now. 

4 - Filtering out a review from a person who is not active on Yelp is unfair for the person who wrote it and for the businesss it was intended for. The person who wrote it spent time writing the review. And by removing the review, Yelp is not being fair to the business the review was intended for. 

5 - What about the flip side? Your telling me if a Yelp user has a picture, lots of friends, has a history of writing reviews, and is active on Yelp, than that person’s review has more chance of staying? That doesn't make sense. You can be active on Yelp and still write fake reviews. Yelp claims they don't wnat to give to much clues because people will game the system, but the active users on Yelp can game the system.

6 - Isn't Yelp gaming the system? They give more power to users who are active. So that means users will use Yelp more. And that helps Yelp. So Yelp gets help while hurting innocent peoples livelihood and reputations. That's wrong. Isn't that gaming the system? 

7 - If active users have more power compared to non - active users, then their shouldn't be a filter. That is a bad combination because most people who use Yelp are not as active on it as the most active users. So how is a business supposed to get fair treatment when most people are not active on Yelp? I mean most people don’t use Yelp. And the ones who do don't have the time or energy to be active on Yelp. And some who are active on Yelp are not as active as some others might be. So it can be unfair for an owner when active users have more power on Yelp.

4 - By giving more power to active users, that means an active user can make a deal with a business owner in exchange for a positive review. Or they can make a deal with an owner to write a nasty review for a business owners competition. Is that fair? Isn't that gaming the system? And doesn't that go against the purpose of having a filter?

This is not right. These things are happening. Yelp knows it. And I can’t believe Yelp creates a way for this to happen. And I can't believe Yelp gets away with this.

And it gets worse. I am going to tell you some shocking things about the most active users. They are called ELITE USERS. 

Go to my article on Elite users. 

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