Sunday, January 26, 2014

9 questions for Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman

1 - Do you know that Yelp is hurting peoples livelyhood?

2 - Do you know that Yelp is hurting peoples reputation? 

3 - Do you know there are people who had a business for a very long time, but because of Yelp, they don't have one anymore?

4 - Do you know there are business owners who had a good reputation for a very long time, but because of Yelp, their reputation has been hurt? 

5 - Does any of this bother you? 

6 - If this bothers you, why do you continue to let it happen?

7 - Why do you guys at Yelp always point to the good you do when you get asked about the bad you do? 

8 - You have made lots of money and have gained lots of fame. So how can you write bad negative reviews for small mom and pop shops that are not as rich and famous as you? What kind of person are you? 

9 - How do you sleep at night knowing that you are causing so many owners to be frustrated, angry, annoyed, sad, upset, crying, and confused because of Yelp? Doesn't it bother you that so many owners have wasted so much of their time because of your company then?

Jeremy Stoppelman won't give logical answers to most of these kind of questions because he has none. If he really were to give logical answers, he would have to admit certain things about Yelp. And of course, if he does that, it might hurt the company then.


  1. I'll be your first comment. Your site needs a filter. It's called spell check.
    Secondly, some of what you say is true. The filter overreaches. But if it deleted one of your reviews, then it did a good thing. Thirdly, stop being a menace. Everything you say is way off base and way worse than anything yelp ever allegedly did.

    1. And I'll reply to everything you wrote.

      1 - I did use the spell check. But you have to understand that the spell check isn't the best. It sometimes gives options that aren't right. And anyway, who cares? It's not that bad come on.

      2 - What did I write that is not true? Please tell me? And why do you say if it deleted one of my reviews that's a good thing? Are you being serious or sarcastic?

      3 - How am I being a menace? You mind explaining some things? How am I being a menace? And if im being a menage then what is Yelp being? Aren't they worst then a menace?

      4 - You said some of what I said is true and then you said everythign I say is way off base....well....which one is it?....some is true? Or everything way off base?

      5 - And finally, what do you mean everything I say is way worse than anything yelp ever allegedly did? What is worst then what Yelp did? And why do you say allegedly then?

    2. "Savvy" obviously works for Yelp. Great blog by the way!

  2. Yelp has locked me out of my yelp account so I cannot make changes to reduce their one fake review from further damaging my business. I have four genuine positive yelp reviews from real clients, while the fake review is by someone who has been reported to police for online harassment and blackmail. Yelp has been informed of the criminal intent of the fake reviewer but has just replied with an automated message stating that they will not remove this review and continues to promote this fake review (only) to google so it ranks on the first page when my business name is typed into the search engine. Yelp is not only evil, Yelp is the devil!

  3. Yelp Ruined my business. Fuck yelp i hope they choke on dicks and crash their cars on the freeway. Fuck em!!