Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sometimes owners get so frustrated and Yelp might still punish them

You want to know how frustrated owners get and how Yelp still punishes them?

Let's say an owner got so many nasty reviews that were fake, that he just couldn't take it anymore and he decided to respond to a fake review with a big long nasty comment. He just let it all out. He cussed and got annoyed. That is bad but you can understand why right? Well guess what can happen if an owner does that? Yelp can punish him for that. They might remove his response and delete his account. Can you believe that? Think about that. 

The person who wrote the fake review can get away with it, Yelp can frustrate the owner, but the owner can't respond in a nasty way? Is that fair? And doesn't Yelp understand that they frustrated the owner so much, that he just got annoyed? So how can they then punish the owner? How can they remove the owners response and close the owners account? What kind of company is this? 

I mean by deleting the owners account you now give the owner NO power with his Yelp account. The owner's business can get really hurt in the future by having his account deleted. What kind of company is Yelp? 

And by the way, how frustrating is it for an owner to know that Yelp will manually go in and take down an owners response, and remove the owners account, but Yelp won't always manually go in their and remove a fake review? How frustrating is that? 

The frustration doesn't end there. Theirs more folks!

Let’s say the owner did the same thing I just mentioned, but instead of responding publicly, the owner sent a PRIVATE message to the person who wrote the fake review. The owner sent a long angry private message to the person who wrote the fake review. Well guess what can happen?

The person who wrote the fake review can copy and paste what the owner sent and put it up in a NEW negative review. And Yelp might let the review stay. And Yelp might delete the owners account. 

Can you believe this? Think about this. Where do I begin with this? 

1 - How come when the owner responded publicly Yelp took it down, but when the owner sent the same message privately, they allowed it to stay for the public? It's the same thing, except it's copied and pasted by the fake reviewer. How frustrating is that for the owner? 

2 - If Yelp allows it to stay for whatever stupid reason, why do they then delete the owners account? I mean isn't it bad enough that they had a contradiction and let the message become public? So then why add on to it by deleting the account? When you delete the account, the owner has NO power over his Yelp account. So why make things more frustrating for the owner? 

3 - Why does Yelp allow the private message to be made public? Don't they respect the fact that it was intended to be a private message? And what if the owner innocently thought it was ok to cuss and get annoyed because the message was private and not public? Should the owner get punished when the fake reviewer made the private message public? If nothing else, doesn't Yelp feel sympathy or understanding that the owner was just frustrated because of how Yelp has been? So then why allow it to stay public? And why delete the owners account? 

4 - Doesn't Yelp understand that by letting the fake reviewer copy and paste the owners private response, they are making it seem like the fake reviewer is real when he's not? By letting the fake reviewer copy and paste the private message, it makes it seem like the owner is the bad person, and that's not fair because the owner is just frustrated because of Yelp and the fake review. Doesn't Yelp realize this and have compassoin and understanding? And doesn't Yelp realize that by letting the message stay publickly they are making things harder for the owner and causing more frustration? 

5 - You know whats really ironic? According to Yelp rules, you can’t have foul language in reviews. Well that profanity laced response the owner gave has foul language. So when the fake reviewer copied and pasted it for people to read, and Yelp let it stay, it means they are technically allowing foul language. It's like Yelp is saying if you respond PUBLICLY with foul language it will be removed. But if you respond PRIVATELY with foul language, and the other person copies and pastes it, well then its fine. 

But then again, Yelp lets people break their rules all the time. 

For example, according to their rules you can’t write a fake review, a mean review, a review that has foul language, a racist review, or a review about a business based on what others told you. And yet people write reviews like this all the time and not all of them get removed. Even on Yelps own buisness listing for themselves, you can find tons of people who wrote a positive review about Yelp and it really has nothing to do with Yelp. And yet it stays. 

Yelp also claims it is against their rules for a reviewer to put the owner’s personal information in the review if the owner does not advertise their personal information. Well I know a business owner who said that someone wrote his buisness a fake review and put his first and last name in the review, and the review did not get removed even though the owner does not advertise his full name. And so the owner told Yelp to take off the review, since it had his full name in there, but Yelp let the review stay and told him that if he thought it was a potential security issue, he should contact the police.

These are just more examples of why so many owners hate Yelp and call them a bully, a mafia, and evil. Their are other articles online from people who call Yelp out. But I have not found a place that goes into detail like I have.

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