Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The bottom line on Yelp

Yelp was made to remove spam, but it keeps spam. 

Their slogan is “Real people, real reviews” but they take out real people’s reviews and allow fake ones.

Yelp says something like how they know there not perfect, but they must be doing something right since they are getting support from people. That's not logic or a defense. But if that is logic for them, then people should stop supporting Yelp. Stop supporting a company that thinks they should get a pass since they are popular. Stop making them popular. 

If there filter is reliable then does that mean it's reliable that they have an average of two and a half stars on Yelp? 

They are mean, cold, and wrong. 

They hurt peoples livelyhood and reputation, and they continue to let it happen then.

By the way, regarding that two and a half star rating. You know what's interesting? The rating would be much lower, except two things are stopping that from happening: Many of the negative reviews are getting filtered out. And some ELITE USERS are giving Yelp 5 star reviews.

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