Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yelp claims reviews can come and go through the filter in time

Yelp has another defense. 

They claim that a good review that was filtered can later come back. And that a fake review that has been there for a while, can later get filtered. 

And this is true. It can happen. 

But it rarley does. So it's another strange defense by Yelp. 

In my experience, most of the time if a review has been filtered it doesn't come back. And most of the time if a review has been there for a while it won't get filtered. 

But even if it happened alot, so what? It can still hurt a business. 

Most customers are not going to know that these things happened. Most customers go by what is on your page AT THE TIME they are on your page. Most customers don't keep coming back to your page, especially if you have the type of business that people usually hire once or twice. 

When a customer learns that you don't have allot of good reviews, or that you have some bad reviews, that's the impression they get.  And that negative impression can hurt your business and reputation. 

It's like gossip. You don’t know who heard the gossip. And even if you clear up the gossip, you don’t know if everyone found out it was cleared up. And sometimes even when you clear up the gossip, some people don’t think of you the same way as they did before.

And by the way, most customers don't know how Yelp works. And they shouldn't have to, it's just a review website! Doesn't Yelp understand all this?

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