Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yelp defends it's filter by explaining that they have a filtered review section

Yelp explains that even though reviews get removed, people can still read them by clicking a link that has the filtered reviews. This Which is true. But let me explain to you how frustrating this has been for owners.

First, there was a time when Yelp did NOT show the filtered reviews. Think about that. Your customer doesn't even know you had legit reviews that were removed. It was frustrating for an owner. 

Then Yelp created a link for the filtered reviews. Which is better then not having them. But it was still frustrating for an owner because not everyone knew that Yelp filtered out reviews and that there was a filtered review section. 

Plus, the link was small and didn't stand out so it was hard for a customer to know about it. And it wasn't always practical for an owner to explain to a customer how Yelp works or where the link was. 

And even if a customer knew these things, not every customer is going to waste there time to try to find it. And not every customer is going to rely on them because they may think the reviews are not reliable. Or, even if they knew that the filtered reviews are relaible, they may psychologically be influneced by the reviews that were not filtered and by the average rating of the business. 

Even if a customer wanted to rely on the filtered reviews, Yelp made people type in one of those annoying capcha codes to open it. And obviously that is going to steer people away. Why did Yelp make people type in a capcha code? 

Then Yelp made the link for the filtered reviews a little bigger and removed the capcha code. Which is better. But the link was still small. 

Then Yelp did something else strange. Before, when people opened the filtered reviews, the reviews were listed by date. But Yelp changed that. Yelp made it so that the negative reviews came first, Or if there were no negative reviews, they listed the least positive reviews first. It added on to the owners frustration. 

A customer may think you have more negative reviews compared to positive ones. Especially if you already have more negative reviews in the un-filtered area. 

If you are trying to convince a customer that you have better reviews in the filtered area, and they open the filtered section and the negatives reviews come first, it can influence the customer in a negative way. 

Why didn't Yelp let the reviews come by the date, or let the positive ones come first, or some kind of logical way? Why did Yelp make it so that the negative reviews, or the least positive reviews, came up first? 

I think Yelp did that to make it seem like they were not just removing positive reviews and that negative reviews were also being removed. But still, to a customer, it can influence them to not do business with a company because the negative reviews were first. 

Then Yelp made another strange change to there filtered review section. Now, when someone opens the filtered review section, they only show the first two negative reviews, and they have a link asking if you want to continue to the other filtered reviews. 

The point is, Yelp doesn't want filtered reviews to be easily accessed. And this whole thing with. But why? Why are they against the filtered reviews? And if they must have a filtered review section, why not make it easy to find? 

Some customers don't know that some reviews get filtered or that there is a filtered review section, or they may not trust the filtered reviews, and that can be unfair to the business.

Even if a customer knows about the filtered review section, most people are not going to open it because they will naturally rely on the reviews that are showing. And I don't blame them. It's natural to depend on what is showing instead of a filtered review section

Some don't have time to open and go through a filtered review section. I mean some don't have time to learn how Yelp works, so why are they going to have time to open and go through filtered reviews? And I don't blame them for any of this either. They shouldn't have to spend that much time or analyze all this because it's just supposed to be a review website. 

Why even have a filtered review section? Why not just show everything and let people decide? Especially when Yelp knows the filter doesn't always get things right? 

Of course Yelp does not have good logic for all this. 

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