Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yelp employees use extortion and preasure so that owners can buy advertising

So we know that most Yelp employees can't help. And most of them still defend Yelp. 

But there is something else that some Yelp employees do that alot of owners will vouch for. 

They try to sell the option to advertise. And this is where some owners get really fishy with Yelp. 

Many owners claim that Yelp tells them if they buy advertising, things might get better or that Yelp will take down the negative reviews. 

Some owners claim that the employees may not bluntly say things like this but they might imply it. 

And some claim that some employees get nasty if you don't buy the advertising. They will tell you how some employees get mean. Some make threats that more negative reviews will stay or more positive reviews will go. They will tell you that some employees keep calling and harrasing. 

Yelp denies this. But Yelp has been accused of extortion by many owners. 

Some owners even claim that they originally had no problem with Yelp, but when they refused to buy advertising, or when they told Yelp to stop contacting them about advertising, they noticed more of their positive reviews getting filtered and more negative ones staying. 

These complaints about extortion are not small things that rarely happen. The Federal Trade Commission released more than 700 complaints against Yelp. They pointed out everything from Yelp filtering out good reviews to harassing businesses to buy advertising. According to FTC documents, many companies accuse Yelp of creating a situation that entices owners to buy advertising as a way to improve their Yelp rating. Many owners think if they buy advertising, it will make things better. 

In the end, weather it was implied or threatened, many owners think the only way to solve the problem is to buy advertising. They think if they buy advertising things might get better with the reviews. 
Yelp has also been sued by owners, including being the subject of two class action law suits. But most cases either get dismissed or Yelp wins. And Yelp is so mean, that when they get sued and win, they sometimes go back and sue the person that sued them. This happened to a lawyer in San Diego who lost a case against Yelp. And the lawyer thinks Yelp is sue-ing him because he sued them before. 

Yelp denies this, but the lawyer basically made a good point when he asked why a big company like Yelp, who has millions of users, is going after him? Yelp has an answer to this. And I'm not even going to bother writing it. 

What kind of a company is Yelp to sue back? I mean don't they have compassion or understanding about why there being sued? And don't they ever consider that a business can already be hurt financially because of them, and when that buisness loses to Yelp in court, they probably are more hurt finanically, not to mention the time and effort they put? So why then does Yelp have to sue back? What kind of company is this? 

It's one thing if the companies were big name companies. But these can be small business owners.

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