Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yelp hurts owners so much that some owners try to get fake positive reviews

Some owners feel so frustrated by Yelp and get so desperate that they try to find people who will write them a fake POSITIVE review. And there are people who will do this for a price. And some owners are wiling to pay. 

In fact, their are even companies who offer a service to write fake positive reviews. These companies have nice, professional websites, and will write you one review or bulk reviews. Depending on the details, you can get a positive review for $5, $30, $200, $1,000, or more. That’s how bad it has gotten folks. And the owners pay, hoping that some of the fake POSITIVE reviews will stay. 

And in some owners mind it is not wrong to pay for a positive review because Yelp is being unfair towards them and so the owners feel that they are just trying to make things better and balance it out. The owners are desperate. For some it's their livelihood and reputation. 

The people and companies who offer fake POSITIVE reviews will tell you that they get contacted all the time by owners who feel so helpless, angry, and anxious. The owners are on the phone crying because they don’t know what to do. They worry that their reputation is getting tarnished, or that they might lose customers, or that they might go out of business. They will tell you that the owners don't know who to turn to or what to do. And so there are people and companies who offer help. 

It is against Yelp’s policy, to ask a person or company to write a fake positive review. But why? I mean what else is an owner supposed to do? They feel so strapped against Yelp, so doesn't Yelp understand that? Doesn't Yelp have compassion? 

Some of you might be thinking who cares what Yelp thinks? Just go ahead and hire a person or company to write you a fake positive review. Well, get ready for some weird stuff!

Go to my article on what Yelp does to owners who are desperate for a positive review. 

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