Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kristen Whisenand defends the filter

Kristen Whisenand is a Yelp spokeswoman. And according to her, the filter will stay.

She said, “I understand the filter is a point of frustration, but if it weren’t in place we’d be overrun by shills and malicious content.” 

What great logic. Where do I begin? 

1 - Doesn't she know the filter is more then just frustration? That it is hurting peoples livelihood and reputation? So how can she classify this as just "frustration." Maybe if Yelps filter hurt her from making money or hurt her reputation, then she'll understand that it's more then just frustration.

2 - Doesn't she know that Yelp is ALREADY being overrun by shills and malicious content? 

3 - How can she claim it could be worse if there was no filter? It can’t be worse! If their was no filter, then at least you would have all the reviews showing. Sure people would game the system if there was no algorithm, but that's happening now anyways. No matter what their is cheating. So at least with no filter ALL the reviews are there. 

4 - If there was no filter you wouldn't have to worry about people who don't know or understand how Yelp works, because everything would be showing. 

It's like Yelp doesn't know, or want to admit, how ridiculous their logic is. They continue this defense of giving a pass to the bad if their is some good.


  1. yes i agree......their filter is trash. I used to have business through yelp but once i stopped taking their phone calls it stopped. You also don't need a business license or any sort of license to be listed on yelp. Plastic surgeon.....sure you stitched someone up once that very wary of yelp. They have hurt my business tremendously!

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